Web Design

Let me do the heavy lifting for you

I started designing websites in the mid 1990’s. I worked for agencies so I couldn’t claim the work was my own.

For a long while web design was a multi disciplined process that required a team of people.

Now, most of us could you use one of the online web design companies, like WIX.

Templates coupled with drag and drop design have made Website creation relatively easy for those without coding skills.

So why ask me to do your website?

No drag and drop online web creation service is going to help you with your photos, or artwork.

Just dropping an image on to your site, and hoping it’s going to look good, will not often work. You have to consider the different devices that will be accessing your site. It’s important to serve different sizes depending on the device viewing your site. In short your site has to look good on a mobile phone, or a desktop computer.

I understand how this works. I will make sure your site looks good on any device.

Making sure your site is designed well, with a friendly user interface is my aim.

I use WordPress for my all my work. You may know what WordPress is, if you don’t, it’s basically a CMS, (Content Management System). WordPress will allow you to update your website anytime you have access to the Internet. Even using your mobile phone.

I can hand code sites, but this is very time consuming, and not necessary for small to medium sites. But, my skills will allow me to tweak your site if necessary.

WordPress works with something called Themes. Themes control how your site looks.

Themes can be free, as well as paid for. Most Themes will be responsive. Responsive means your site will look good on any device from a Mobile Phone up to a Desktop Computer.

I will give you training so you can update your site, and add extra pages.

The prices I am quoting below are not fixed. If we use a free WordPress Theme, the price can be lower.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

  • Photos by me - Up to Five Pages
  • £350
  • Up to Five pages, the Homepage, and four other pages of your choice.
  • Photos taken by me at your premises, and any image manipulation by me.
  • Any Logos supplied by you.
  • Four hours of onsite support, post deployment
  • Two years of phone support.
  • This price does not include: Purchase of Domain Name, or Hosting Fees.
  • Contact Me
  • Photos and Logo by me - Up to Six Pages
  • £450
  • Up to Six pages, the Homepage, and Five other pages of your choice.
  • Photo's shot by me at your location.
  • Logo designed by me to your specification.
  • Four hours of onsite support, post deployment.
  • Two years of phone support.
  • This price does not include: Purchase of Domain Name, or Hosting Fees
  • Contact Me